TRANSGENDER PARENTS  reveals the gifts trans people bring to parenting because of, and not in spite of, their gender. It’s an intimate and tender look at the art of parenting, some of the hardest relational work in this life.  (2014, 45min)

Transgender Parents was commissioned by CBC’s Documentary Channel and has played in festivals and universities internationally - including at WPATH 2016.


Transgender Parents is about love, life and kids after a gender transition. It shares the struggles and strengths of several trans women and trans men navigating different stages of parenting: from pregnancy, through raising infants, toddlers and teenagers.

Some, who transitioned prior to founding their families, experience fertility clinics and hospital births; others, who transitioned in the presence of their kids work to renegotiate their identity and relationships within their families. All are openly out in the world as trans and as parents in ways that weren’t possible 20 years ago.

Syrus and Nik, both in their 30s, live in downtown Toronto. We follow their story from Syrus’s pregnancy to the 2nd birthday of young Amélie as they make their way in the world as black gay trans men with a blond blue-eyed daughter.

Aiyyana is a Haudenosaunee grandmother who was born male and has journeyed through genders and considers herself a transformed woman. An accomplished writer and award-winning theatre artist, Aiyyana is building a home on her childhood reserve along with one of her adult children.

Originally from Alberta, Jenna is a 30-year-old trans-mother-to-be who runs an organic farm with her partner near Montreal. We learn about her path to motherhood, and witness the hours following the arrival of her baby.

Stefonknee is a trans woman who came out when her 7 children were almost all teenagers. The process of finding herself and going public has been too much for most of her family to bear. She has moved to Toronto from rural Ontario where she is a speaker and activist. We follow her on a visit to her hometown as she tries to heal broken connections.

Hershel, a Jewish trans man in his late 60s, is a psychotherapist whose son was 19 years old when he transitioned. We witness their loving and at times difficult relationship as both speak candidly about their experiences as parent and child over the last fifteen years.

TRANSGENDER PARENTS is a follow up film to the short TRANSFORMING FAMILY.


2016 World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH), NETHERLANDS

2016 Cinéma dans la parc, Montréal, QC

2016 SpurFest, Winnipeg, MB

2016 Cinema Politica, Halifax, NS

2015 Melbourne LGBT Festival, AUSTRALIA

2015 Perlen Queer Film Festival, Hannover, GERMANY

2015 Queer Film Festival, Bremen, GERMANY

2015 Sonntags Club, Berlin, GERMANY

2015 XART Splitta Festival, Berlin, GERMANY

2015 Kju Point Film Festival, Halle, GERMANY

2015 Amnesty International, Vienna, AUSTRIA

2015 Mix Film Festival, Copenhagen, DENMARK

2015 Miama TransArt Festival, FL, USA

2015 TransScreen Film Festival, Amsterdam, HOLLAND

2015 Trans Health Conference, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2015 Cinema Politica, St John’s, NFLD

2015 Community Screening, Budapest, HUNGARY

2015 Seattle Transgender Film Festival, WA, USA

2015 UBC & Midwives Association, Vancouver, BC

2015 Classroom Closet Conference, Sudbury, ON

2015 Cinema Politica, Winnipeg, MB

2015 GenderReel Film Festival, New York, NY, USA

2014 Niagara Artists Centre, St. Catharines, ON

2014 GenderReel Film Festival, Omaha, NE, USA

2014 GenderReel Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2014 GenderReel Film Festival, Long Beach, CA, USA

2014 GenderReel Film Festival, Durham, NC, USA

2014 CBC’s DOC Channel PREMIERE