Rémy is currently in development for the feature documentary Ojiibikaan (Roots): Food As Medicine (working title) with co-director Sean Stiller. The National Film Board’s Anita Lee, Lisa Jackson and Lauren Grant have come on board as our producers.

Ojiibikaan (Roots): Food As Medicine is centered on Anishinaabe Chef Johl Whiteduck Ringuette and his quest to rediscover Indigenous food practices that hold the power to transform how we imagine our relationship to food and to the land.


Rémy edited Ancestors, Can You Read Us? Dispatches From The Future (2019, 3 min), an eight-channel video projection commissioned by the Toronto Biennial of Art and the Ryerson Image Centre. 

Syrus Marcus Ware’s Ancestors, Can you Read Us? imagines a world where racialized people have survived the "Black death spectacle" writ large on the nightly news; survived the catastrophic impact of the Anthropocene; and survived the crushing effects of white supremacy.


Rémy edited Calm Stories (2019, 4 x 4 min), short profiles about people whose mindfulness practices - paying attention with kindness and curiosity - changed their lives.

Produced for Calm, a meditation app voted App of the Year by Apple in 2017.


Rémy’s the principal of Earth City Film, which recently produced the short documentary Freedom Summer (2018, 11 min) for CBC Digital with director Lu Asfaha. In Freedom Summer, Black youth in Toronto learn about self-love and Black liberation at Freedom School, a summer camp run by Black Lives Matter. [Watch Freedom Summer.]


Rémy directed Transgender Parents (2014, 45 min) for CBC’s Documentary Channel, which has played in festivals and universities internationally. Transgender Parents reveals the gifts that trans people bring to parenting because of,  not in spite of, their gender.

It’s an intimate and tender look at the art of parenting, some of the hardest relational work in life. The film has become a respected and popular teaching tool for professionals in the health industry (including WPATH) and midwife associations. Listen to Rémy's  interview about the film on CBC’s Q. [Watch the trailer.]


Rémy spent 4 years as the in-house Photo & Video Producer at Greenpeace Canada (2014-2018), creating and commissioning compelling visual assets to tell some of the most critical environmental stories of our time. Rémy recognizes digital platforms as a powerful way to bring people together, raise awareness, spark meaningful conversations and drive change.


Au pays des esprits / Home of the Buffalo (2010, 4 min) is an operatic quest between father and child, between two genders and among colonial & Indigenous territories. The short bio doc won Best Canadian Film Jury Award at the Inside Out LGBT Film and Video Festival in 2011. [Watch Au pays des esprits / Home of the Buffalo with English subtitles.]


Frontières et terres (2010, 2 min) is a fictional faux-trailer for a film that doesn’t exist, created for the 475th anniversary of Jacques Cartier celebrated in Gaspé, Québec. The short is an editorial comment on the omission of the role Indigenous peoples played in the lives of Québec’s first generations of settlers. [Watch the trailer in French.]