TRANSFORMING FAMILY jumps directly into an ongoing conversation among trans people about parenting. It's a beautiful snapshot of current issues, struggles and strengths of transexual, transgender and gender fluid parents (and parents to be) in North America today. (2011, 10min 30sec)

Transforming FAMILY has been translated in 6 languages - French, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian and Japanese, has played in festivals and universities around the world. 


My friend Jake Pyne telephoned me one evening in 2011. He was in Toronto, and I was in Montreal. Through focus groups for the LGBTQ Parenting Network, Jake had been researching and documenting experiences of trans people who are parents—stories that are mostly unknown. In one of the meetings someone pointed out that the community of trans parents had no books or films to give to their partners, neighbours, or their kids’ teachers. “We should make a film!” someone exclaimed, and that’s why Jake was calling.

Six months later I was filming with 12 different parents and families, collecting stories of remarkable individuals pushing at the seams of societal systems based on the premise of “two genders only”. Some of the people I interviewed lost access to their homes, jobs and families for coming out as who they know themselves to be. For others, their competency as parents was brought into question and wrong assumptions were made about their kids’ well-being.  

The stories deserved a broader canvas and from this first film the documentary Transgender Parents was born.

In the U.S., 1 out of 3 trans people are parents (1 out of 4 in Canada). As you’ll see, in addition to the usual trials of parenting, they face some unique challenges. Let’s open up our health care and legal systems so they do a better job of supporting trans people to be the terrific parents they want to be.
— M. Ingram, UPWORTHY


FRENCH - LA TRANS+FORMATION DE LA FAMILLELa trans+formation de la FAMILLE nous plonge au milieu d'un dialogue continu entre différentes personnes trans sur le rôle de parent. Ce documentaire est un portrait touchant des enjeux actuels, des luttes et de la résilience des parents (présents et futurs)  transexuels, transgenres et non-conformistes de genre dans notre société nord-américaine contemporaine. 

GERMAN - FAMILIE TRANS*FORMIEREN: In Familie trans*formieren erzählen mehrere Trans*leute davon, wie sie Elternschaft (er)leben. Der Dokumentarfilm porträtiert aktuelle Auseinandersetzungen und Kämpfe und zeigt die innere Stärke von (seienden und werdenden) trans* Eltern in Nordamerika.

SPANISH - TRANS+FORMANDO LA FAMILIA: Trans+formando la FAMILIA se adentra directamente en una conversación entre personas trans sobre el tema de ser padres.  Proporciona una hermosa impresión de las dificultades, luchas y fortalezas de los padres y las madres transexuales, transgenero, y de genero fluido en la Norte América de hoy en día.

JAPANESE - トランスフォーミング・ファミリー: 短編ドキュメンタリーの本作品 "トランスフォーミング・ファミリー" では、性同一性障害をもつ親たちの声をご紹介します。現代のカナダ・アメリカに生きる、トランスセクシャル 、トランスジェンダー、そして自己の性を探求中の登場人物たち。彼らは 親として(または、まもなく親になるにあたって)さまざまな問題に直面しています。そんな彼らの苦悩と強さを本作は美しく映し出しています。

PORTUGUESE - TRANS+FORMAÇÃO EM FAMÍLIA: Trans+formação em FAMÍLIA é uma linha direta com transsexuais sobre a criação de uma família. Um sublime retrato de questões, obstáculos e batalhas vencidas por transsexuais, transgêneros e pessoas de gênero fluido, o filme abre um diálogo com estes que são ou estão para ser pais na América do Norte de hoje.

RUSSIAN - Семьи транс-людей: Видео о семьях транссексуалов, трансгендеров и людей с "плавающим" гендером. О детях, которые еще только должны появиться или уже растут в таких семьях. Перевод сайта

AUDIO DESCRIPTION - TRANSFORMING FAMILY: Audio description is narration for blind, partially sighted and other consumers of visual media (television, film, dance, performance, and visual art). It consists of a narrator verbally describing visual information throughout the presentation during the natural pauses in the audio.


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