As a young trans person, I am grateful for the political and social groundwork laid by generations of trans elders. Thanks to their efforts and courage, today trans people are increasingly present and recognized in society with opportunities previous generations could never have imagined.

And yet…trans people still face widespread societal discrimination known as transphobia. Those who become parents, and those parents who embrace their trans identity, face discrimination and, at times, violence. That discrimination and violence can be directed towards their partners and children as well. In cases of family breakdown, trans parents risk losing access to their kids. One of the things this film underlines is the importance of continuing parent-child relationships during a gender transition. It also honors the space being created by trans people to found families if they so choose.

My hope is that the film Transgender Parents will enable viewers to question assumptions about gender, family and identity so that trans parents as well as their children can be better included in their local communities, whether rural or urban.


I also hope this film can empower trans people to recognize their right to parent, and inspire current parents to recognize and celebrate their gender or gender fluidity (as the case may be).


Rémy Huberdeau

transgenderparentsdoc (at)